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Tack från Max Bishop

31 DEC 2009 12:33
Max Bishop, FAI:s avgående generalsekreterare, har i brev tackat för den FSF guldmedalj han fick vid FAI:s generalkonferens. Ett utdrag ur tackbrevet bifogas
  • Skapad: 31 DEC 2009 12:33

"Dear John, Back now to some kind of normality after the excitement of our stay in Korea (we remained there for a weeks leave after the conference), I am writing to thank you - and also all the members of Flygsportförbundet -for your extraordinary thoughtfulness and generosity towards Angela and myself. We were both deeply touched by your kind words and gifts, and I can assure you that the award of your highest medal leaves me feeling deeply honoured and humbled. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Sweden, and this distinction really means a great deal to me. Thank you all very much indeed ! I will try to live up to the distinction it confers on me. We shall certainly never forget the final evening in Incheon, and your fine ovatory and deliciuos sense of humour certainly contributed enormously to the joyous mood." (här följer några privata rader). "We hope to keep in touch with all our friends in Sweden and around the world that we have had the privilige of serving the last couple of decades." .."Warm regards, Max Bishop"

Skribent: John Grubbström


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