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Foto: FAI 4 flygsporter

Promotionfilm om våra Flygsporter

27 JUN 2014 23:29
FAI har tagit fram en filmsnutt om alla våra Flygsporter för er att använda i maknadsföringssyfte. Varsågoda!
  • Skapad: 27 JUN 2014 23:29

The FAI has released a new video featuring all air sports activities under the umbrella of the Federation. The 3-minute film succinctly presents the FAI sports and includes footage of FAI international records from Charles Lindbergh to Felix Baumgartner.

The video sequences have been selected from various sources to highlight the beauty and diversity of Aeromodelling, Aerobatics, Ballooning, Experimental Aircraft, General Aviation, Gliding, Hang Gliding and Paragliding, Microlights and Paramotors, Parachuting and Rotorcraft.

“With this new video we aim to pass the bug for air sports to as many people as possible; all our sports have the great advantage of being exciting not only to practice, but also to watch,” said Secretary General Susanne Schödel. “We also want to emphasise that the FAI is part of the epic history of aviation and air sports, having ratified over the years more than 17,000 records including those of Lindbergh, Gagarin, Armstrong, Piccard, Fossett and Baumgartner, to name but a few.”

The video can be viewed online on the FAI Youtube Channel at http://youtu.be/wgBNEYzg4jc.

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